Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mustaches for Ulcers

OK, I'm going to get serious for just a moment. A fellow beer geek I met through my work with the Southern Beer Society is sick. OK he may not have testicular cancer or prostate cancer but he is still sick. He has his stomach. His name is Jonathan and he is one of the trio that makes up Monday Night Brewery. You may not have heard of them unless you're in the Atlanta area because they aren't like an established brewery yet, more like an indie brewery. Anyways, what can I do to help, you ask? You can do something. Grow a mustache. Mustaches are awesome. I'm pretty sure they are the in thing right now, especially in Hollywood and well, if Hollywood does it we should, right? Lots of cool people have mustaches: Wilford Brimley, Geraldo Rivera, Jason Giambi, Wade Boggs, the biker from the Village People, Lemmy from Motorhead, Hulk Hogan, Ron Jeremy, Tom Selleck, Frank Zappa and of course, Burt Reynolds. So make sure you do your part. Grow your mustache and head on over to and post your pic!! If you are folically challenged or perhaps a woman, just put on a fake one, take your pic and get over there to support the cause!!
Stay Buddhalicious!!
The Beerbuddha


Jonathan said...

You know you're in good company if you're mentioned in the same sentence as the biker from the Village People. Thanks for the 'stache!

The Beerbuddha said...

Hey, I had Lemmy from Motor Head in there too. In all seriousness I do hope you feel better!!


The Beerbuddha