Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Beer Review: The Original Cave Creek Chili Beer

Leave it to me to actually buy what many consider to be the worst beer in the world. Come on folks, I had to try this beer, wouldn't you if you have the chance? This beer, brewed by The Chili Beer Company out of Cave Creek, Arizona, is "hand made in the small town of Tecate, Mexico" and "each chili pepper is lovingly dropped, by hand, in every bottle then the bottle is filled with a fine Mexican lager beer." Hmmm. The word "fine" and "Mexican lager" should never go in the same sentence together. That's an oxymoron if I've ever heard one. They also claim that this beer is "the most unusual beer in the world". That, I cannot argue with. So, with my trusty glass of milk, a trick I learned after eating a habanero pepper as a joke, I go to try The Original Cave Creek Chili Beer. Wish me luck!
Brewery: Chili Beer Company
Beer: The Original Cave Creek Chili Beer
Style: Chili Beer
ABV: 4.20%
Recommended Glassware: Pint glass
Food Pairings: Cuisine: BBQ, Latin Cheese: Monterey, Pepper Jack Meat: Fish, Smoked Meat
Serving Type: I used my Sam Adams glass
Appearance- The beer pours a clear straw color the head is there one second and gone the next. it disappeared quickly!! I poured the jalapeno from the bottle into the glass. Not sure if that is "recommended" or not.
Smell- The smell of jalapenos dominates. Not in a bad way. Kind of like jalapenos on a pizza or nachos.
Taste- It's not horrible. I expected a lot worse based on other reviews but it's not that bad. It's also not that spicy. Then again I do live in New Orleans. The spiciness hits me in the back of my throat but nothing bad. The beer part of this brew is Corona-esque.
Mouthfeel- Thin and watery with little to no carbonation.
Overall- Ok so not a horrible beer but not a great beer either. Taste like a Corona with a jalapeno in it. Not something I'd buy again unless I was buying it for novelty purposes. Do you dare me to eat the jalapeno? And no, I won't be finishing this beer. It ain't that good.

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dave said...

I tried this beer too, but the pepper flavor is accumulative. So by the end it reminded me of hot sauce, but that's just me. It might be good for cooking like a Chili or something.