Tuesday, July 1, 2008

My first blog

OK so I don't pretend to be a writer nor do I pretend to be all knowing regarding beer. What I do know is that I love beer and I love talking about beer. I started this blog site to not only help others with beer questions they may have but also to help myself learn as well. When it comes to beer in the Gulf South we are lacking and I want to help change it. I believe for the most part I have started to help by bringing in new beers to the area and also getting people together for tastings and helping organize Martin Wine Cellars first ever beer dinner. On this site I plan on doing beer reviews, beer store reviews, beer bar reviews, tasting tips, glassware recommendations, beer and food pairing ideas and just general beer talk as well. I think you'll find that this site is free from the pretentiousness which hurts some sites and I hope to bring some fun to the beer world. Enjoy and remember to Stay Buddhalicious!!

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Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

Welcome to the frat of Beer bloggers... or as I like to call ourselves, Beer Lagers! Love the name by the way. ;) Keep on keepin' on down in the Gulf my fellow Beer Bro!