Monday, November 16, 2020

Former Abita brewmaster Charles Brooks Hamaker dies at 59


Charles Brooks Hamaker courtesy

Just read on that former Abita brewmaster, Charles Brooks Hamaker died on November 1st. If you don't happen to know who he is I am sure you have had the pleasure of enjoying some of the beers that he created: Abita Amber, Andygator, Purple Haze and one of my old school favorites Turbodog. I have crushed so many of these beers over the years! Hell, Abita Amber for me is practically synonymous with eating crawfish.

It's a sad day for the Louisiana beer scene. RIP Mr, Hamaker. I think I might go out and see if I can find some Abita Amber here in Florida to knock back a few in his honor.


The Beer Buddha

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Dixie Brewing Changes Name to Faubourg Brewing Company

Holy shit y'all is this a new post? Yeah it is! It just felt right after not posting anything for almost 6 years and well, this seemed pretty important. And nobody is gonna read this shit anyway! 🤣 I mean does anyone blog about beer anymore? I don't think so. But I ain't got the body to be a Instagram influencer. 

Back in January I got a chance to head back home to New Orleans(from Florida) to attend the re-grand opening of Dixie Brewing. I had a blast getting to drink lots of beer and boogie to the Bucktown All Stars.  The brewery building and grounds are beautiful. It is not only a great space for music and other events but the beer they are brewing is damn good.

Dixie Brewing neon
Peter Cadoo of NOLA Brewing and Dixie brewer

Around mid year Dixie announced they were going to change the name as they felt it was offensive. I mean, I didn't really see or hear anyone complaining but if they want to change their name who am I to stop them? People as expected freaked out and threatened to boycott and whatever but I thought this would be a cool opportunity for a rebrand. 

And Faubourg Brewing Company it is and I dig it. The name means neighborhood in French and is perfect for a New Orleans brewery. Owner Gayle Benson said "When the team embarked upon this journey in June, we understood that our new name must encompass the spirit and diversity of all New Orleans unique neighborhoods."

I'm hoping to get back to New Orleans in the spring and will definitely stop by and try some of the awesome beers they have been pumping out. I also need to buy a shirt and tin tacker for my BBQ shack with the new name on it! Congrats Faubourg Brewing on the name change and your commitment to the city and all the neighborhoods that make her as unique as she is.


The Beer Buddha

PS I know this sucked but gimme a break. It's been 6 years. And I was never that good anyway! It was also pretty cathartic. 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

6 pack of Questions with Mudbug Brewing's Leith Adams

1) What was your job before Mudbug? What inspired you to brew beer instead? 

I was a Biology instructor at Nicholls State University. I was a home brewer for about 10 years, and the feedback I was getting from the beer I brewed was when a friend, now business partner, Brance Lloyd, and I decided to start getting serious about this. We searched for the right investor for almost 2 years before we found him, Peter Liechty. The last 2 years have been us hammering out the details to bring the best brewing facility we could to Thibodaux.

 2) What do you want people to think of Mudbug Brewery as they taste your beer? 

Our main goal has always been to bring as much of Cajun culture to the local beer scene as we can. Whether it's food, drink, local legend, or just a unique word to describe something, there's so much here, culturally, we want to bridge the gap. We joke about being the 'Coonass' brewery of Louisiana. Lafayette is Acadian, New Orleans is Creole, our area is a mix of everything in between, and we embrace it! THAT is what we want to convey in our beers.

 3) What inspired King Cake Ale? Lot’s of haters out there for this beer. What do you say them?

 King Cake Ale  actually started as French Toast Ale. It's got cinnamon, vanilla, bread flavor from the grain, and lactose for some sweetness, everything you have in pain perdu (French toast). Once people started tasting it, more and more people started telling us it tasted like King Cake, so we ran with that. It's worked out pretty well. Much more identifiable. As for haters, let them hate. For every hater, there's going to be 1000 people that love it. Is it for everybody, not at all, but is it one of the most unique beers you will ever taste, quite possibly!

4) Brewing and music go hand in hand. What music are you listening to while brewing? 

Other than some Nonc Nu and Da Wild Matous (shameless self promotion) I mostly listen to metal, but I do have a wide array of musical taste. One band I found to very brewing friendly...They Might Be Giants!

5) Where do you see the Louisiana craft beer scene in 5 years? 

At least doubled in size and thriving! The craft beer culture down here is finally picking up. We are getting into it at a very exciting time, and hope to have a major impact on opening people's eyes to the wonder that is craft beer!

6) What are your favorite Louisiana brewed beers right now? 

The thing that sucks about being in Thibodaux is it's not a target for much of the specialty beers from local breweries. We still don't have Parish out here (although I've heard that should be changing soon)! Chafunkta Kingfish is my new go to! 40 Arpent Milk Stout, when I can find it locally at places like Which Craft? in Houma. Two of the latest local beers I was impressed with were Rebirth Pale Ale and Lowerline from NOLA! Rebirth has a great hop profile, and I like Lowerline because I have been recently delving into the complexity of sours because I plan on bringing some funk to the Louisiana beer scene, when I finally get the chance!


The Beer Buddha


Nonc Nu & da Wild Matous from Art of the Bayou on Vimeo.