Wednesday, April 25, 2012

American Craft Beer Week New Orleans Style!

Below is the list of the happenings for American Craft Beer Week!  The color is off because I copied and pasted straight from Avenue Pubs website.  That's a hell of a lot of writing!  I did get Polly's permission though!  It looks like a seriously kick ass week and I am looking forward to hitting some of these events!

Wed May 9th

A Drinkable History
Pretty Things Once Upon a Time 1838 & Once Upon a Time 1945 A real back to basics brewing. These guys went back to historical recipes and recreated beers the exact way they were made in 1838 and the same beer as it would have been made in 1945. Lots of differences in history and culture in those two separate dates. Queen Victoria was crowned in 1838 ushering a golden age and by 1945 Europe was at War for the second time. Come taste the difference that history makes in the beer.

Friday May 11th
“Drink Local, Drink Global”
Abita, NOLA, Sam Adams, Stone, Brooklyn, Harpoon, Sierra Nevada, Magic Hat and more..

Mon May 14
Barrel Aged/Barley Wine night St. Arnold’s Draft, Divine Reserve 10 (Barley Wine), Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Brooklyn 2009 Vintage Monster, Three Floyds BooGoop Barley Wine, 2010 vintage Harpoon Triticus, Sierra Nevada, Big foot, Lazy Magnolia bourbon Barrel aged southern Pecan.

Barley Oak (Northshore) – 7:00pm

Stone Brewing Night
 Vertical Epic 11.11.11, Imperial Russian Stout, Pour Me Something Mistah, and Cali Belgique. Meet the brewery rep, Shawn Geiser.

Bulldog (Canal) – 7:00pm

Abita Specialty Night
 Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Aged Abbey Ale

Bulldog (Magazine St) – 7:00pm
NOLA Brewery Cask Night

Tuesday May 15th

American Funk &Saison Sorachi Ace Brooklyn, Stillwater Table Beer/ Brett, Jolly Pumpkin ESBam, Jolly Pumpkin Mardaguda Obscura Jolly Pumpkin OI Baudelaire Saison, He’Brew Funky Jewbulation, St. Somewhere Saison athene, Pay de Soliel. Lectio Divina, Anchorage brewing Tide & its Takers Belgian Triple with Brett

Bulldog Mid City
Meet the Future Brewers of Louisiana
Chafunkta and Gnarly Barley for beer and conversation about the joys and challenges of opening a new brewery

St. James Cheese Company (Uptown)
Craft Beer Education and Cheese
  Abita, Nola, Sam Adams, Brooklyn

The Boot (Uptown) – 6:30pm
Summer Seasonal Craft
 Sampling featuring Magic Hat Elder Betty, Brooklyn Summer and Sierra Nevada Summerfest

Barley Oak (Northshore) – 7:00pm
NOLA Brewing Night
 featuring Pour Me Something Mistah, Flambeau, Hopitoulas, and a specialty cask.

The Chimes (Northshore) – 7:00pm
Abita Specialty Night
 featuring Centennial Hopped Jockamo IPA

Bulldog (Magazine) – 7:00pm
Abita Specialty Night
 featuring New Orleans Rum Barrel Aged Honey Rye

DBA (Frenchman) – 7:00pm
Crispin Specialty Night
 featuring Marvin Cider

Calcasieu (Warehouse District) – 7:00pm
Crispin Cider Dinner featuring Original, Fox Barrel Pear, Brownslane, Cho Tokkyu, and Lansdowne

Swamp Room (Metairie) – 9:00pm
Craft Sampling
 – Magic Hat, Laughing Skull and Dixie

Wed May 16th
Nano/Gypsy Brewers night Hopfenstarck Blanche de Hermitage, Faust, Saison Station 55, Stillwater Existent Black IPA, Folklore Dark Belgian, Brewers Art Stillwater collaboration Debutante, Local Option Chicago Dampf Loc, Pretty Things Draft Jack D’or, Beer Valley bottle pours Leafer Madness & Black Flag Imperial Stout, Parish Brewing Canebrake, Evil Twin US brewed – Biscotti Break, Ron And The Beast Ryan, Not So Uncommon IPA

The Art of Beer Cocktails with Special Guest Liam Deegan from Sylvain

Lazy Magnolia Night Southern Gentleman & Specialty Pin

Food Truck Roundup Open House

Ernst Café (Warehouse District) – 7:00pm
Sam Adams
 Night featuring Whitewater IPA, Summer Ale, and Lager

The District (Warehouse District) – 8:00pm
Abita Specialty
 Night featuring Bourbon Barrel Aged Vanilla Doubledog

Thurs May 17th

All About Hops
St. Arnold’s Endeavor & Divine Reserve – 11  (what an aged hoppy beer tastes like & yes its still tasty), Brooklyn Blast, He’Brew Hop Manna, Stillwater As Follows Hoppy Saison, Tin Roof Zythos project, Mikkeller (brewed in the US) Invasion IPA, High & Mighty Draft, Purity of Essence Very Hoppy Lager, Stone Brewing Calibelgique IPA

“Lazy Magnolia Firkin Night”

 ”Saint Arnold Night”

Sylvain (French Quarter) – 4:00pm
Beer Cocktails
 featuring NOLA Brewing

Craft Beer Crawl (Frenchman) – 5:00pm

- Three Muses – 5:00pm
 – featuring Abita SOS, Nola Hopitoulas and Harpoon UFO White
- DBA – 6:00pm – featuring Brooklyn Sorachi Ace
- Blue Nile – 7:00pm – featuring Stone Arrogant Bastard and Coney Island Mermaid Pilsner

Bruno’s Tavern (Uptown) – 5:30pm
Craft Beer Sampling
 featuring Sierra Nevada and Laughing Skull

The Bricks (Warehouse District) – 7:00pm
Craft Beer Sampling featuring Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams

Fri May 18th

Regional Breweries Night
St. Arnold’s Farmer Brown – aged in Chardonnay barrels CASK with Brock the Owner, NOLA Brewing – Pour Me Something Mistah Draft & Yeast series, Bayou Teche beer cocktials, Lazy Magnolia cask ale

“Saint Arnolds Beer Dinner”

“Saint Arnolds Tour Party”

Spring Fest

NOLA Brewery (Uptown) – 2:00pm
ACBW Brewery Tour

Stein’s Deli (Uptown) – 3:00pm
Craft Sampling
 featuring Brooklyn, Stone, Harpoon, Stone, and Shmaltz

The Bulldog (Uptown) – 7:00pm
Sam Adams Specialty Night
 featuring Norse Legend, Imperial White, Tasman Red, and
Summer Ale

Barley Oak (Northshore) – 7:00pm
Abita Specialty Flight Night featuring Oyster Stout, Centennial Jockamo, Amarillo Restoration,
Beire de Garde, St. Gleason Red Ale, Run Honey Rye, Triple Haze, Buffalo Trace Barrel Aged
Abbey Ale

Sat May 19th

4th Annual American Craft Beer Tasting
Anchorage Brewing The Tide &; It’s Takers Belgian Tripel with Brett, Brooklyn  Blast, Sorachi Ace, Vintage Black Chocolate Stout, Brewers Art Stillwater collaboration – Debutante, Beer Valley Leafer Madness &; Black Flag Imperial Stout, DDC! Equinox de Printemps, Evil Twin  US brewed  – Biscotti Break, Ron And The Beast Ryan, Not So Uncommon IPA, Harpoon 2010 Triticus, Hofenstarck Blanche de Hermitage, Saison Station 55, High & Mighty Purity of Essence Very Hoppy Lager, Jolly Pumpkin ESB, Jolly Pumpkin Mardaguda Obscura, Jolly Pumpkin – Baudelaire OI Saison, Les Trois Mousquetaires Weizenbock, Local Option Chicago Dampf Loc, Pretty Things Draft Jack D’or, Three Floyds BooGoop Barley Wine, St. Arnold’s Divine Reserve 10 (Barley Wine) &; Divine Reserve 11 Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, Endeavor, St. Somewhere Draft – Saison Athene, Lectio Divina, Pays de Soliel, Stillwater Draft – Existent Black IPA, Folklore Dark Belgian, Kopstootje, As Follows Hoppy Saison, Stillwater Table Beer /Brett, Stone Brewing Stone VE 2011 double dry hopped IPA cask, Stone Smoked Porter with Vanilla Bean, Tin Roof Zythos Hop project, Lazy Magnolia Cask

“ACBW Bash” Specialty Beers from all of our breweries

Bulldog Magazine & Balcony Bar & Rendezvouz & Tracey’s

Spring Fest

Mellow Mushroom (Northshore) – 3:00pm
Homebrew Invitational
 and Multi Craft Beer Pint Feature featuring Abita, NOLA, Sam Adams, Stone, and more

Sun May 20th

Cure the Hangover Brunch 10AM + Crawfish boil with St. Arnold’s at noon!
NOLA Pie guy is coming in and doing our beer brunch – 10AM till noon, then at noon the crawfish take over.
Brunch beer: St Arnold’s Bourbon Barrel Aged stout cask
Crawfish Boil Beer: St. Arnold’s Amber (special delivery JUST for our crawfish boil, this beer is not currently distributed in La.) & Weedwacker

Crawfish Boil and Open House

Tues May 22nd
French Quarter
 ”Cigars and Craft Beer

Wed May 23rd
American Brewers – Northern Neighbors (Québec) We include Canadian beers in our ACBW celebration because a few tiny Québec brewers  that we have access to are creating exceptional versions of styles that are not reproduced in the U.S. We lucked out this year and got some very coveted kegs…too many to tap on nano night so this Wednesday we will feature some of them separately.Les Trois Mousquetaires Dopplebock, Hopfenstarck Draft, Faust, Seven Sisters Maia, possible Epilogue, DDC! Equinox de Printemps

As always these events are subject to change!


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