Saturday, July 28, 2012

NOLA Beer Bitch/ROOT Beer Dinner

Fellow local beer blogger NOLA Beer Bitch and new local restaurant ROOT put together a couple of beer dinners.  Check them out here.  Great job Nora!



Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brash Brewing LA Release Party

Yup, Brash Brewing is in Louisiana and they will be throwing a party to celebrate.  The brewery is from Texas but contract brews out of Massachusetts(Clown Shoes).  Sounds weird right?  Welcome to the world of too much government intervention.  

The owner of Brash Brewing is Ben Fullelove who also owns Houston based craft beer bar The Petrol Station.  Like many states Texas doesn't allow a bar owner to own a brewery.  Now he could own a brew pub but I'm not sure if Texas law allows retail sales.  I know Louisiana doesn't.  Instead he partnered with Clown Shoes to contract brew his beer.  

Anyway, according to their Facebook page they will be throwing a party at Avenue Pub which they are labeling a Texas Exile party.  The party will be September 29th and they will be there along with Gregg Berman from Clown Shoes.  Not sure what time.  I would check Avenue Pubs website the closer we get to the date.


The Beer Buddha

Sunday, July 15, 2012

For Those Keeping Track: Beer Buddha 1 Weight Loss 0

Quick note.  Weighed myself this morning and I lost 5 pounds.  Victory!  Now I just need to keep it up.

I didn't really do much other than move more and eat less.  And I can definitely move more.  I plan on increasing my exercise this week too.  Hopefully next week I will have more loss.


The Beer Buddha

Friday, July 13, 2012

Clown Shoes Now in Louisiana

Heard from The Ale Runner and confirmed with Dan Stein from Steins Deli that Clown Shoes Brewing, out of Ipswich, MA is now being distributed here in Louisiana.  They are being distributed by International Distributing out of NOLA.

I have had the opportunity to have a bunch of their beers and man it's some good brew.  So glad they decided to distribute here.   More great news for Louisiana beer scene!

Here are some labels from them of beers I have had:


The Beer Buddha

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Official Beer Buddha Beer Bottle Opener

Check it out folks!  The official Beer Buddha beer bottle opener.  I worked with on making this badboy.  As you can see it's a butterfly knife but a bottle opener.  On the side it's the New Orleans cityscape with my web address on the side.  Love this thing.  I had two made and I will be running a contest to give the other one away to a lucky fan!

Stay tuned!


The Beer Buddha

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Screw You Weight Loss! You Won This Week But I'll Be Back!

(This pic I stole off the internet somewhere.  I don't remember where.)

Okay so this week sucked.  I actually gained a pound back.  I'll be honest though I am glad it was only a pound.  I ate like crap.

Apparently I am what they call an "emotional eater".  I translate that as I eat when I am depressed, I eat when I am happy, I eat when I'm mad, etc.  I think I just like food.  Although my wife says I can be pretty emotional.  Yes, The Beer Buddha has emotions.

Either way I'm not giving up.  Started doing a little run/walk thing and I feel pretty good.  Hopefully that'll help.  Well, I'm sure that'll help.  I'm pretty sure the key to losing weight is pretty simple: Move more, eat less.  I don't need any fad diets or to sprinkle some weird fairy dust all over my food.  It may work for some people and that's awesome but I want to earn my weight loss the old fashion way.  Hard work.


The Beer Buddha

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Beer Buddha Turns 4

That's right. Today is The Beer Buddha's birthday. Apparently I have been writing this blog for four years.  Man it feels longer.

I started this blog in order to spread the love of beer in New Orleans and also to learn more about beer. I think I can say I have accomplished both.

The beer scene in New Orleans has changed dramatically over the past four years.  We have a bar that is ranked on Draft Magazines best beer bars in America with Avenue Pub.  We now have at least 3 more beer festivals in the area.  Our selection of beer is much better than four years ago.  We are due to have around 10+ breweries in Louisiana by the end of this year.  The distributors are certainly more on board with craft then they were 4 years ago.   And we are just getting started!

I wonder where New Orleans will be four years from now?   I think we have bright craft beer future.  We are building it slowly but smartly in my opinion.  For craft beer enthusiasts it's a good time to not only live in New Orleans but all of Louisiana!

Thanks to all of you who have been loyal readers over the years!  It's been an awesome beer journey and I look forward to more!


The Beer Buddha

PS I think for number 5 we need to throw a party!

The Beer Buddha is Fat: Week 1

Okay so this week wasn't the best of weeks.  Had some weak moments but I still managed to lose a pound. I did exercise at least 3 days this week but really could have done a better job with eating.  And more exercising.

My success this week was cutting sodas almost completely out.  I had one.  I consider that a big step forward as I enjoy me some Coke.  My next goal needs to be cutting out fast food completely which is tough as hell.  I know, I know it shouldn't be but damn Rally's and their fries.

I think if I can increase my exercise and continue to use to monitor my calories, fat intake, sodium, etc I will be good.  Portion control is another big thing.  As lame as it sounds I have been eating Lean Cuisines which actually help with that and they aren't all that bad.  The Top Chef Healthy Choice meals are damn good too!

The one thing I cannot do is diets.  I love food too much.  But what I can do is make sure I earn what I eat and watch how much I eat.  Move more, eat less.  And yeah, cut out the fast food for sure.  If I am going to eat bad after exercising to earn it it should be something awesome.

The beer I drank last Sunday was Maui Brewing's Mana Wheat which was amazing.  Not sure what I am going to have today.

Thanks for checking back in!  Hopefully next week I can at least have lost 2 pounds!