Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Beer Fridge Awesomeness

The beer fridge. Every man has had or has a beer fridge or at least should have had or should have. Mini version or regular version they are all stocked with tons of bottles of liquid goodness. But my question is why do we have beer fridges? What is wrong with their regular fridge? Is it the lack of space the wife designated for your beer in the family fridge? You know what I'm talking about guys! You know the bottom left hand corner which fits like only 2 six packs. Is it in your man room(I can't wait to have a man room!)because we all know a man room isn't a man room without a beer fridge. Or perhaps it is in your garage? And if you have a wine cooler in your man room I'll have to question as to whether or not you have a mangina. Yes, I did say mangina. My answer to the great question of why the beer fridge is simple. Because it's awesome. Think about it folks. It's a fridge which is there for the sole purpose of providing you with BEER. Every man needs a beer fridge. Must have one! So men, go out and get yourself a beer fridge today!! Tell your spouse you must have one and that it is necessary to maintaining your manhood. It doesn't matter what size just go get one! Once again thanks for listening to my rants! And yes, that is my beer fridge. No mangina here!

Stay Buddhalicious!


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Eli the Mad (Beer) Man said...

Couldn't agree more! Fortunately I have a very loving, caring and understanding wife. Not only do I have a beer fridge (a full sized one mind you), but a beer room. Or as I like to call it... my Beer Cave. Every beer swillin, superhero needs one dontcha know! ;)