Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Beer Buddha Hits The Road: Liquor Loft in Tallahassee, Florida

Road trips are awesome. My wife and I are always up for a good road trip and at least once a year we make it to Orlando to see my family. The kid wanted to go to Disney World so of course we took her to see the Mouse. I, on the other hand always have other plans when we go on road trips.

Whenever I go on a road trip I always check's Beerfly Guide to see what kind of beer stores, breweries or brewpubs they may have in the area where I'm going. For a beer nerd it truly is helpful.

On my trip to Orlando there is one place I always make a point of going which is Knightly Spirits. This time around I did go to Knightly but also made a detour on the way home and hit up Liquor Loft in Tallahassee. I cannot stress to you enough how pleasantly surprised I was. In my opinion one shouldn't drive past Tallahasse without stopping here! Anyways, here is my review:

Name: Liquor Loft/Proof

Location: Tallahassee, Florida

Type: Beer Store/Beer Bar

Atmosphere: The place is small but adequate for the product they have. I'm pretty sure they had wine and liquor but honestly I didn't check as I was only interested in the beer which was around the corner. They had about 600 beers to choose from.

Quality: GREAT selection. If it is available in Florida these guys do their damndest to get it in. I saw Southern Tier, Terrapin, Victory, Magic Hat and all sorts of other beers and all sorts of sizes available. There was a cooler on the right side and room temperature beers on the left.

Service: Mike and Ryan were the two guys who helped me and they were very engaging and extremely knowledgeable about the product. Even made great recommendations. I left to eat lunch next door and came back to take pictures for my blog and they ended up calling Byron, the owner, who came down to the store. Very cool! I think they even actually checked out the blog too! Thanks guys!

Overall Experience: Amazing. There is no reason to even search out another store in Tallahassee and perhaps it may be worth skipping anything in the Panhandle to make a trip over here. They showed me the bar next door, Proof and damn it was awesome. About 25 beers on tap and the selection was top notch. I even saw some Swamp Head beer which is fairly new to the area. It was also mentioned that they occassionally do cask conditioned beers.

Score:Photobucket 5 out of 5 Buddhas


The Beer Buddha


Mike said...

Thanks for the great review and we hope to see you soon again!

-Mike N.

Anonymous said...

best part is they have a good selection of $3 pints every wednesday for their "kill the kegs" night

The Beer Buddha said...

Thanks guys and I'll definitely be back that way!!