Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gimme My Vortex Bottle Cause the Mountains Just Turned Blue

Miller Lite Vortex

Coors Light Cold Activated Bottles, Cans and Windows

The other day while sitting watching a baseball game a commercial for Miller Lite Vortex bottle came on. Vortex bottle? WTF is a vortex bottle? Is that kind of like rifling? Does it make the beer shoot faster into your mouth? Seriously. Why? And the cold activated cans from Coors. Seriously? Do we really need the mountains to turn blue for us to know that your beer is cold enough.

What these two gimmicks tells me is that these two companies(I haven't seen Bud come out with anything yet)are more concerned with marketing than with the quality of the product. Now granted I've known this but come on this is just reaaaalllly bad. Are there really that many people who are falling prey to this seriously bad marketing? Do they really think it's going to taste any different than before? I wish I was in the meeting where the dude or chick who came up with the idea spewed that nonsense forth.

When the hell are the big guys going to learn. It's the taste not the marketing.


The Beer Buddha


Cracker said...

If it were about the taste, Bud Light wouldn't be the #1 selling beer in the world. Craft beer drinkers aren't the target market for these types of gimmicks. They've lost us already.

The Beer Buddha said...


I agree with you 100%! It's sad that taste doesn't make beer successful in the beer world. Those who spend the most money wins! Too bad.



Leslie J. Almeida | NOLA-Eats.com said...

What Cracker said :)

Dan Murphy said...

I recently had to endure sitting with two friends who were determined to see who could get their beer down the "vortex" faster. I merely laughed as I sat there with my Hopitoulas. Any company that needs to prove how good their beer is by how numb they can make your tastebuds isn't getting my money to help support ridiculous marketing. Good post.