Friday, June 4, 2010

To Review, Or Not To Review, That Is The Question

So I had come to a decision recently that I wasn't going to review beers anymore on The Beer Buddha. I just felt that it seemed somewhat pretentious and that wasn't what I wanted out of the site. I want to really focus on all the beer happenings here in New Orleans.

Last Friday at our weekly NOLA Beeradvocate Pint Night one of my fellow imbibers and reader of the blog asked me to do more reviews. I explained that I had decided I wasn't going to do them anymore and gave him my reasoning. He got me thinking though. Do the reviews actually help my readers? Do they actually read my reviews? Do they actually like my reviews?

I know the reviews have certainly helped me out in terms of understanding beer better but I wasn't sure if you, the reader, wanted to read my reviews. So I've decided that I'm going to leave it up to you guys. On the right you'll see a poll. It's simple: To review or not to review. Vote now!


The Beer Buddha


B. said...

Reviews are excellent, particularly for those of us who don't live in NOLA but still like beer. Reviews, please!

Angela Arp said...

I like reviews only because I get to hear about beers that I otherwise might not have heard of, but I don't really look toward reviews for direction on what to drink, just like I don't look toward movie reviews on what to see. I like to know if you'd drink it again or not, but other than that, I'd rather make up my own mind!

The Beer Buddha said...

Thanks for the input guys!



Kevin said...

I think that you remain impartial and unbiased enough in your reviews to where it does not come off as pretentious. You are an advocate for the cause and you realize that while a particular breww may not be your cup of tea, it may be someone else's new favorite. Just keep it Joe Friday.

The Beer Buddha said...

Thanks Kevin!

Lost said...

Review! Review! Review!


Anonymous said...

Us out-of-towners would benefit from reviews. And truthfully, most of my beers are had at home! So I want, no NEED good recommendations to drag me out of my beer rut. You could try beers from different regions and pick some regional favorites. I imagine the research would be fun. Hmm maybe I'll do some preliminary California research for you.

TCombel said...

You definitely should. And the Hell No!!!'s should post there reasoning.

Smurfe said...

I respect your reviews. Please continue. Keep blogging about the N.O. beer scene to. Just more content for your blog. We keep getting more and more good beers in the area. I like to be kept abreast of new happenings int he area. Keep up the good work