Monday, June 21, 2010

The Beer Buddha 2nd Anniversary Party

So this July 1st will be the 2nd anniversary of my beer blog. I felt that I needed to celebrate somehow and what better way than with a shindig at my favorite New Orleans beer bar The Avenue Pub. So get your livers ready New Orleans beer lovers and come on down to the Avenue Pub on July 9th at 6:30pm.  I would love to see as many of you down there as possible!! We will be doing a raffle giving some prizes away and The Avenue Pub will be putting one special Brooklyn beer on tap for that event.  YOU get to vote on that beer.  You have two choices: Brooklyn Blast Pale Ale or Brooklyn Buzz Bomb Ale.  The poll is in the top right hand corner of the blog!!


The Beer Buddha

PS No, the beers aren't free! Who do you think I am Ricky Stratton?

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