Monday, June 14, 2010

Avenue Pub Rare Beer Auction and Tasting

Polly of Avenue Pub has come up with a great way to help Gulf Coast families who have been effected by the BP oil spill. She will be hosting a rare beer auction and tasting at the Pub. The date has yet to be announced but as soon as it is I'll post it. We need donations of beer folks! Even if you don't think you have great beer in your area think again. If any of you have any questions about breweries in your area that may be desirable for the auction please email me at If you have a special beer you don't have a problem donating please contact Polly. It'll be going to a great cause!! I gave up my 2009 1.5 liter bottle of Sweetwater Festive Ale for the cause! The details from Avenue Pub's website are below:

Gulf Coast Families Benefit

A Rare Beer Auction and Tasting event to benefit the fisherman and their families affected by the BP oil disaster.
As you know, the gulf coast has been devastated by the BP oil spill. We still don't know how bad it will get but even initial estimates are overwhelming. BP is by law responsible for the clean up, however , due to a rare and seldom used law their damage liability is limited to the value of the "vessel' that sunk. In this case that means the value of the actual oil rig. This means that while they will be held responsible for the clean up, the families that have lost their livelihoods (in many cases permanently) will receive very little in the way of damages. Their way of life is many cases forever.
The Avenue Pub is organizing a benefit for the Gulf Coast Relief. We want to help the fisherman and their families who have been affected by this disaster. Our plan is to hold a paid tasting and Rare Beer Auction. The pub will donate the entire proceeds from the event to a relief organization that works directly with the individuals affected on the gulf coast. I will not subtract the costs of the beer that I have to pay for - I will donate that also. The ring for the evening, plus the tips my staff makes, will go back to the cause.
We are working with a gulf coast potter (same man who made our mug club mugs) to come up with a signature mug. His is one of the businesses that have been devastated by the lack of tourism so a purchase of a mug will do double duty.
Jac Currie, of Defend New Orleans, has come on board with his "Defend the Coast" t-shirts. He has also approved the use of his "Defend The Coast" artwork for use on the mugs.
 One individual has offered to match tips up to $500 for the night and we will solicit other people for this same goal.
We are planning on a date in July or August. We have requested a Saints player to be a celebrity bartender, so we dont have a firm date yet but it could be as early as July 13 or as late as August 23rd.
What you can do to help:
  1. Please consider sending one or two very rare and highly desirable bombers for us to auction off. To maximize the money raised, this needs to be a bottle that is not available in La - or even most places in the country. These bottles can be shipped directly to the distributor. I will provide the 501C3 information if you request it.
  2. Please contact anyone you know in the industry...especially breweries or distributors that are not located in La to see if they would be willing to donate a rare or special bottle. (send them a link to this page).
  3. Email me with any other ideas or ways your can help. (Beer T-shirts, jackets..anything we can sell to the people that attend to raise more funds)
  4. Spread the word! Email, Facebook, Twitter, blogs...
  5. Join us in supporting this event and the families of the Gulf Coast.
I have a small budget that I plan to use for the costs of the event. This means that if you are able to round up an incredibly rare bottle that needs to be paid for I can do that. The cost of the beer served that evening is part of my donation to the cause.


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