Friday, November 26, 2010

Beer Review: Great Northern Brewing Company Frog Hop Fresh Hopped Pale Ale

Comparisons. We always make them no matter what we're talking about. Take for example NFL Running Backs. I'll say John Riggins. You may say Walter Payton. Both were great in their own way but as much as I love John Riggins it's fair to say that Walter Payton was probably a better running back than The Diesel. Here in New Orleans we have the po-boy or poor boy sandwich. EVERYBODY has their favorite roast beef po-boy. I prefer Parkway Bakery and others may prefer Parasol's(now Tracy's).

The beer world is no different. And just like everything else there is always that benchmark you compare everything to. When it comes to American Pale Ales the benchmark that all others get compared to is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. SNPA is the gold standard of pales ales and well, it's not really fair to do that because many pale ales will be different due to the endless possibilities of ingredients used.

I was recently introduced to a brewery in Montana called The Great Northern Brewing Company. These guys and gals were nice enough to send out some samples to New Orleans for me to taste and review. The last two beers I have had from these folks have been solid beers and I hoped the Frog Hop would be no different. I cracked this bad boy open while preparing our family Thanksgiving feast yesterday. Here is my review:

Brewery: Great Northern Brewing Company

Beer: Frog Hop Fresh Hopped Pale Ale

Style: American Pale Pale

ABV: 5.0%

Louisiana Availability: NONE

Appearance: Pours a clear golden color with a huge, fluffy white head.

Smell: Grainy aroma with hints of citrus, pine and grass.

Taste: Similar to the nose there is a nice graininess with hints of citrus and pine. Nice slight hoppy bitterness.

Mouthfeel: Medium body with medium carbonation.

Overall: A very well balanced fresh hopped pale ale. Very easy to drink. A perfect beer to introduce to someone who is new to the wonderful world of hops as it is slight in its bitterness and well balanced.

Score: Photobucket 3.5 out of 5 Buddhas


The Beer Buddha

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Wesley Griffin said...

As part of the team at I regularly interact with brewery owners and marketing execs. The people I've talked to from Great Northern Brewing Company have all been absolutely fantastic.

And good news for fans of GNB beer, too: Their flagship, Black Star Double Hopped Golden Lager, seems to be on the move, slowly becoming more and more available further east. Let's hope the rest of their offerings aren't too far behind!