Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Elaborate Thanksgiving Beer and Dinner Pairing

OK so I've thought about this for a couple weeks. I was going to come up with this elaborate Thanksgiving beer pairing guide but I just couldn't do it. Not that I can't but rather I just didn't really care all that much to do it after thinking about it.

So before you curse me to the bowls of hell for not caring about a beer and food pairing hear me out. Thanksgiving is such an odd holiday to pair beer with especially here in Louisiana. There is cajun fried turkey, regular turkey, turducken, tofurkey, turturken, okay so I stole that last one from an episode of How I Met Your Mother but still. Hell, some people don't even eat turkey but ham with their meal. And then we have the dressing. No, not stuffing but dressing. There is oyster dressing, corn bread dressing, crawfish dressing, sausage dressing, shrimp and rice dressing etc, etc. Notice I haven't even gotten to the other sides yet.

At the end I just decided that you should just drink whatever beer you want to drink. Who cares if it pairs well with your food. As long as you like it and you think it goes with whatever you're eating then who cares. Personally I'd buy something local like Abita, NOLA or Bayou Teche. Most local beers are brewed specifically with Southern Louisiana cuisine in mind so will pair well with almost anything we have.

Whatever you decide to drink remember what Thanksgiving is truly about. No not Indians and Pilgrims. But rather a time you can get together with friends and family on some random Thursday, get hammered, watch football and make fun of that weird uncle who's gone batshit crazy. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!


The Beer Buddha


Nora said...

I fully support this philosophy! In fact, I may link this entry on my blog, if that's OK. (Let me know.) Happy Turkey Day, dude.

The Beer Buddha said...

Of course Nora!