Sunday, August 17, 2008

Great American Beer Diet Challenge- Week 1

OK, so I said I was doing this and I'm a man of my word. Pictures and all. Lucky for you I kept my shirt on and spared you my man boobs. So here are the pictures and current stats.

PS Notice the beer cap in the belly button. NICE!

Current Weight: As you can see by the pic I'm still at a solid 290 with clothes. But as my wife says I'm not fat, I'm husky.

My plans for losing the weight: I don't believe in diets so I will just be watching my food intake and increase(start?)exercise. My wife who is in great shape and now my trainer is starting me on yoga and walking up on the levee. I'm also only allowed to eat cereal after 8:00pm on nights that I close at work. I'll also be doing push ups and crunches every night before bed. I don't want to do a lot of weight lifting since I have the tendency of bulking up quickly.

Beer I had tonite: Boulevard ZON


Chipper Dave said...

Thanks for posting your starting stats. Hope the first week of the challenge is going well for you. If you can, please try to post about your progress weekly and drop me a comment over on Fermentedly Challenged when you've updated. Thanks and good luck! Chipper Dave

Beerbuddha said...


Thanks for the encouragement. Truth is...I'M HUNGRY! My wife keeps telling me it's in my head. I'll keep you updated at your site. Thanks!

The Beerbuddha

matt said...

I keep the beer flowing and now try to eat lower fat substitutes of everything I usually enjoy... Except no light beer.

too bad that doesn't work with pizza haha. Good luck in your competition, its a funny idea.

Beerbuddha said...

Thanks for the love Matt! I'm kind of doing the same thing by watching my fat intake. Sucks cause I love food! I added your blog also! Nice job!


The Beerbuddha