Sunday, August 3, 2008

Do You Remember......Your First Beer?

Do you remember your first beer? I'm not talking about the first craft beer or the first beer your Dad let you sip. No, I'm talking about the first beer you ever consumed.
I remember mine. I was a sophomore in high school and I was hanging out with my buddies(Randy, Clint and Matt). Not sure how we got around to wanting to get beer other than we were kids and well, wanted beer. We ended up going to the 7 day store on the base and getting a Marine to buy us our beers. He brought us back three 40 oz of Schlitz. Randy, who was the leader of our little gang(and a great leader currently as an officer in the Marine Corps), insisted that we chug our beers. So, of course, we did it. Not sure if I remember too much after that other than the fact the beer didn't taste all that great. And no, it isn't because we got drunk, it's just that the memory itself is hazy and has been lost in the jumble that makes up my thoughts and memories. What I do remember though is that it was a good time while hanging out with great friends and the quality of the beer wasn't important.
Well, that's it, my first Do You Remember post. More Do You Remembers to come later. Anyways, I gave you my story on my first beer. What about you? Do you remember yours? If so, leave a comment telling us what yours was. I'd love to hear it!
Stay Buddhalicious!!
The Beerbuddha

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