Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Great American Beer Diet Challenge

Ok, so for those that know me personally, you may know I wasn't always a fat ass. Over the 10 years that I've been married I've gained about 40-50 lbs. When I played football and rugby at Tulane I weighed in at 220 and was in really good shape. Since those days I have truly let myself go and I am always saying that "today is the day" when I'm gonna start getting in shape. I'm famous(infamous?)for it.

Well, today while reading my fellow beer bloggers blogs I came across an interesting piece on Chipper Dave's blog Fermentedly Challenged called The Great American Beer Diet Challenge. In the piece he admits to be 20 lbs overweight, I wish, and issued a challenge in which he states:

Here's the challenge, I want anyone who wants to join the challenge to post on their own blog a starting picture of your belly, plus keep a posted weekly journal of how much you weighed, what exercise (if any) you did that day, a brief summary of what you ate and what beer you drank that day (up to 7 per week). I challenge you to lose a higher percentage of body weight than me by October 11th. Why October 11th? That's the day I head to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver to celebrate

So, of course the former jock in me says yes I'm in. I'm always up for a challenge especially when free beer is involved. Plus, maybe I can lose some weight at the same time. So here are my current stats and the belly picture will come later when I buy my new camera on Friday.

Current Weight: 285 (geez I have a long way to go)
Goal for Oct 11th: 250 (35lbs)
Overall Goal: 220 (65lbs) I don't want to give up after Oct. 11th.

Stay Buddhalicious!(I may have to change that huh?)

The Beerbuddha

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Chipper Dave said...

Thanks for signing up for the challenge. Stock up on your favorite beer for the challenge but get an exercise plan going. The fun starts on Sunday August 17th. Good luck!