Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Top 5 Breweries That'll Be Coming To Louisiana in 2011 (Cause We're Gonna Bug Them Enough They'll Say Okay)

There are a lot of American craft breweries that in my opinion have no excuse not to be in Louisiana. Many of them are being distributed in Texas and Florida. Let me show you what that looks like:

Here is Texas:

Here is Florida:

Now here is a map of the United States:

As you will note Louisiana is in-between Texas and Florida. So that means they skip over Louisiana to distribute in either of these two states. Now I'm no genius but most beer deliveries are via a truck and if they are delivering in Texas and then to Florida or vice versa that means they are driving straight through Louisiana on I-10 to get to the other state. Come on breweries show us some love!

Now I know, Louisiana isn't that strong of a craft beer market but we're getting there. It's the whole "you build it they'll come" theory. You bring you're beer here and the local craft beer market will grow. I promise. We've already seen the market grow in the last two years. Some of my fellow beer people will argue that we'll be flooding the market because the market won't support it but if you trust your brand enough you'll be fine.

Here are some major talking points as to why you should be in Louisiana:

1) We have New Orleans. That means you can come visit New Orleans and you can call it a business trip. Just ask Jeremy Cowan from Shmaltz Brewing. He does it often.

2) We're a music town. many of you claim to be music lovers. Well there is no better town for that.

3) Mardi Gras. If you have your beer in cans I need say no more if you don't you can come for Mardi Gras and call it a business trip.

4) We have some of the best food in the country. Beer dinners anyone? Some of these local restaurants have been waiting for you guys!

5) New Orleans is an emerging craft beer market. Get your foot in the door now while the market isn't flooded.  Yeah I don't have a cool picture here.  I couldn't think of one to look for.

Okay so let's get on with the list. These are my top 5 breweries that should be distributed in Louisiana because they have no valid reason not to be.

1) Laguintas: Come on Lagunitas you guys are everywhere but in Louisiana. We want you guys here!!! COME ON ALREADY!!!

2) Dogfish Head: Dear Sam Caligione, I know you just dumped a lot of beer because I watch your new show Brewmasters but come on man show us some love. You're in Texas and you're in Florida. From a logistics standpoint Louisiana just makes sense. OH and you can come visit and find unique ingredients for your beer! We're Louisiana, we're full of unique ingredients!

3) Great Divide: Another company that distributes in Texas and Florida. You can just drop some off on your way to Florida!

4) Sweetwater Brewing: Hey, your vibe and our vibe just work together man and we're not that far away. You guys distribute right there in Alabama. Soooo close!!!

5) Avery Brewing: Again. Another company that distributes in Texas and Florida. It just makes sense Mr. Adam Avery that you just have a truck drop some beer of here in Louisiana. And I think you have family nearby so there is another reason. That and I just made cupcakes with some Mephistopheles and need more bottles.

Ok there you have it. I wonder what the chances of having any of the owners or brewery reps actually responding to this blog post is? I tell you what, at the top right hand corner there will be a poll. Vote on which brewery you think will respond. Oh and I'll have a none option too. And on that note if any breweries need any help finding a distributor just ask. Help me, help you.


The Beer Buddha


The Beer Buddha said...

Just received word from Sweetwater via Twitter that 2011 is a no go. DAMMIT!! 4 left.



Eric Ducote said...

Could not agree more... even with your five choices. No reason for these guys to not be in our market.

Okay, maybe I'd have snuck Goose Island in there, but logistically they don't make as much sense.

Smurfe said...

Good luck on your quest, and it is a good quest. I have personally asked Lagunitus and Dogfish Head when I visited their breweries. Add Russian River to the bunch and I would be set for life as between those three breweries there is enough variety of great, and I mean GREAT beers to keep me interested for life. It looks like I am moving to Houston in about a month though so if that pans out, I will be enjoying the beers in this article on a regular basis!