Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Abita Strawberry Releases Today!

For those of you that enjoy your "Strawbita" you'll be happy to know it releases today!! You should be able to find it in every store that sells beer in New Orleans. Enjoy!


The Beer Buddha


Anonymous said...

Left a bottle of our 2010 Christmas ale with Polly at Avenue Pub for you on Monday. We only made 1 bbl of the beer this year for our favorite supporters and friends. It is a porter with tons of wheat, aged on oak and spiked with Cherry Bounce. Cherry Bounce is a traditional Cajun liquor, made with wild cherries, moonshine and cane sugar. It was put away in mason jars in June (when the cherries are ripe) and allowed to step until Christmas Eve, when the first bottle was always ceremoniously opened.

We plan on producing it next year for a seasonal.

When you can could you shoot me your email, I misplace it - mine is Karlos@bayoutechebrewing.com


Karlos Knott
Bayou Teche Brewing
337 303 8000

Andrew Baker said...

I thought you were pretty anti-abita

The Beer Buddha said...


Nah I'm not anti-Abita I just expect more out of a craft beer company of that size. They need to be proactive not reactive.