Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Beer Buddha Interviews: Lorin Gaudin

Uh oh!!! The Beer Buddha Interviews are back!! This time I decided to expand beyond the craft beer community and get some opinions from those not involved in it on a regular basis. The one person I felt would be a great first interview was New Orleans foodie goddess Lorin Gaudin! Lorin is the creator of FiveOhFork and the author of Lorin Gaudin's Tasty Blog. You may recognize her from the morning news on WGNO where she has done some tasty morning food segments. To figure out all that she is involved in would mean me asking for her resume which probably isn't all that necessary but trust me it's a lot. If it's a New Orleans food question you have she is one to definitely talk to. Here is my interview with her. Enjoy!

1) New Orleans is known for it's cuisine. Why do you think the craft beer market is so slow to take off here?

I think people are just starting to truly understand the flavor and style nuances of beer - that there's more to beer than they thought.

2) I get a lot of crap for my weird infatuation for cheap beers. What is your favorite cheap beer and why?

I have a secret lust for Busch Beer because during college I used to drink it alongside 7-Eleven burritos as my "meals" on Spring Break in Destin

3) Eric Estrada or Larry Wilcox and why?

Neither. Those cats aren't my type.

4) If you were stranded on a deserted island and had one beer available to you which beer would it be?

Celebrator - it's like all the food groups and chocolate for dessert, rolled into one beverage.

5) What is your favorite food and beer pairing?

Dopple bock and white chocolate

6) It's Mardi Gras season! What's your favorite parade route beer?

What am I eating? This year, it'll likely be Bayou Teche's LA31

7) Journey or Hall & Oates?

Hall & Oates, duh.

There you have it. Hope you enjoyed it! How could you not when you have a Hall & Oates video attached? Seriously. I'll be looking for more people to "interview" so if you have any recommendations let me know! I'm still working on getting Jeremy Shockey so if you know him give him my email address!


The Beer Buddha


Christy said...

I'd be down for an interview and I promise to leave the skinny jeans at home. :)

The Beer Buddha said...

Cool! I'll come up with some questions and send them your way!