Monday, March 15, 2010

Support H.R. 4278

Do you enjoy drinking beer? Wouldn't you like to see your local brewery prosper more than it is? I'm sure your answer is yes or most likely you aren't reading my blog because you enjoy beer. And if you're not reading my blog because you enjoy beer then I'm just confused. Why the hell else would you read this blog? Oh, hi Mom!

Anyways back on point. Right now there is legislation that needs your support. H.R. 4278. It is federal legislation that would reduce the beer excise tax for the small brewer here in the US. What would that mean? Better access to beers and more jobs in your community just to name a few. What more do you want?

Please take some time and visit this link below:

H.R. 4278

And make sure you contact your US Representative today!!!!


The Beer Buddha

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