Thursday, March 25, 2010

Magic Hat Is Coming To New Orleans

Ok, so a source told me that it is official and Magic Hat Brewing is coming to town. This Vermont brewery, known for its Magic Hat #9 and also for having the worst website in history, is looking to enter the state "right around the beginning of Jazzfest" which is at the end of April.

If this roll out is anything like what they did in Florida we will see Magic Hat #9 on draft first for about 3-6 months and then Magic Hat #9 in 22oz bottles. I'm not sure about when their other products will enter the state. Either way this is another nice grab for the state of Louisiana. It seems like every couple of months we're getting new beer in. Now we just need to convert more people over to drinking better beer in order to drink it all!


The Beer Buddha


Butch said...

Important question: Who's distributing this?

The Beer Buddha said...


That would be the mighty Crescent Crown! Hope that helps!



Smurfe said...

Cool, N.O. is getting some good beers. Hope it makes it's way up to the Gonzo area. I love this beer.