Sunday, March 14, 2010

Suck Da Head, Squeeze Da Tail, Drink Some Brew

Ah, crawfish season! There is nothing better than sitting outside enjoying the cool spring weather, sucking down a cold brew and nailing a couple pounds of crawfish. Crayfish, mudbug, crawdad or crawfish, whatever you call them they are delicious and they are the perfect party food. When you're throwing a crawfish boil you are usually inviting tons of your friends over and having a communal feast with tons of crawfish laid out on tables covered with newspapers. And there is nothing better to drink with friends and crawfish than beer.

Below are my top 5 picks of the best beer with crawfish. I'll warn you now that most of my picks will be local beers and for good reason. You should always support local first. But sometimes you just want an inexpensive and non-thought provoking brew so I have that covered as well.

1) Dixie- Yes I have Dixie on this list and I have my reasons. No, Dixie isn't the best beer in the world but when it comes to crawfish I think it deserves a place at the table and by default gets the number 1 spot. It's Dixie. It has history here in New Orleans and it's a crisp, clean lager which makes it easy to drink and it's easy to drink a lot of them.

2) Abita Turbodog- This roasty brown ale is probably one of Abita's best beers in my opinion. Again, it serves two purposes for me when it comes to crawfish. It complements the crawfish well and at 5.6% ABV you can drink a good amount.

3) NOLA Hopitoulas- I think most people will agree with me here that NOLA Hopitoulas is by far NOLA's best brew and possibly the best local Louisiana brew in the state. This West Coast style IPA pairs perfectly with the crawfish as it'll cut through that spiciness. Be careful though cause at 6.5% ABV it can sneak up on you. The drawback with this package is also possibly it's benefit. It isn't available in bottles but is available in draft packs for around $43 at most local grocery stores. In my opinion the draft pack is prefect at crawfish boils!

4) Pabst Blue Ribbon- Yeah, yeah you had to know I would pick this one. I'm not even sure I need to write anything here. You either get it or you don't.

5) Miller High Life- As I've said before I am not a beer snob. I like what I like and the champagne of beers is one of those beers. Like PBR and Dixie this one is an easy drinking lager that you can drink many of and they are inexpensive. Having lots of people over to your boil? This one is perfect.

So what beers do you like drinking at your crawfish boil? I'd love to know so please leave a comment with your top picks!


The Beer Buddha


Smurfe said...

My go to crawfish boil brew is Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Now if Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA, Lagunitis IPA, or Russian River Blind Pig were available here, it would be a different story. I just finished the last 6 pack of 60 Minute IPA of the 10 cases I bought the last trip to Pensacola this weekend with some crawfish.

The Beer Buddha said...


All of those are great beers! Lagunitas Hop Stoopid is one of my favorites.



Jon Roy said...

Smurfe doesn't make his crawfish spicy enough! Crawfish requires a beer that is light enough to drink 20 of in a day so you can cool off your mouth and get a good buzz!!