Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Beer Review: Parish Brewing Farmhouse IPA

Rarely will I have a beer that just really blows my mind.  Of those I have had I remember them all.  The first one for me was Rogue Dead Guy.  This beer was the FIRST craft beer I had ever had.  I bought it at Sav A Center(now Rouses) the day I turned 21 and from then on I was on my craft beer adventures.  The second one for me was Troegs Nugget Nectar.  This brew gave me my respect for hoppy beers.  NOLA Brewing's Flambeau Red rates third for me.  There could be a lot of homerism involved in that but I see nothing wrong with that.  Considering this is a local New Orleans blog and my opinion I'm sure you understand.

Recently I had my fourth.  Parish Brewing's Farmhouse IPA.  Blew me away.  If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook you saw my reaction.  I basically declared this beer the best locally brewed beer I have ever tasted.  And after lot's of reflection(and another bottle) I stand by my assertion.  Here is my review:

Brewery:  Parish Brewing

Beer:  Farmhouse IPA

Style:  Belgian IPA

ABV:  7.5%

Louisiana Availability:  Yes, but very limited.

Price:  $11.00 at Martin Wine Cellar

Appearance:  Be careful when pouring this bad boy.  Pour VERY slowly as the bottle conditioning creates some serious carbonation.  Once the head settles it's a beautiful hazy orange.

Smell:  HUGE zesty, citrus aroma accompanied by hints of pine, bread, tropical fruits, pepper.  It's all over the place.  Keeps you guessing.  Love it.

Taste:  Wonderful floral hoppiness up front with a malty breadiness which is then followed by zesty citrus notes.  Nice sourness on the back end.  Great balance between the sourness and hoppiness though.

Mouthfeel:  Nice medium body with HUGE carbonation.

Overall:  As I said before this is one of the best locally crafted beers I have ever had.  Parish has just raised the bar for craft beer in Louisiana.  Be ready because the state of craft beer is changing quickly and for the better.

Score:  5 out of 5 Buddhas  photo 5buddhas.jpg

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