Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Okay, so I have no idea where the whole Eddie Money thing came from but I'm sticking with it.  Cause it's true!  I DO have two tickets to paradise!  Beer paradise!

Thanks to the fine folks at WYES I hold two tickets to the WYES International Beer Tasting on Saturday, June 22nd.  The event is from 6pm-9pm.

Stolen from WYES page

Now these are some awesome tickets and I just don't want to give them away to just anyone.  I want you to earn them.

In the comment section of THIS post you need to give us your best reason as to why you deserve these tickets.    Be as inventive as you want.  Just make it goooood.

Stolen from WYES page

Notice I said "us".  I've assembled an awesome panel of judges who will read the posts and decide the best comment.  So far I got Leo Basile from Abita Brewing,  Leith Adams from Mudbug, Aislinn Hinyup from WYES AND Polly Watts from Avenue Pub.  I've sent a request for a couple more.

These posts MUST be in no later than Wednesday June 19th.


1)  MUST be 21 years old.
2)  Make sure you put your name along with the comment.  We need some way to identify you!
3)  Only ONE entry per person.
4)  Sending an e-mail is not proof that we have received your entry. No responsibility can be accepted for entries that are lost or delayed, or which are not received for any reason
5)  The closing date is as specified above, and The Beer Buddha reserves the right to amend the competition end date at any time.
6) The prize will not be transferable to another person.
7) No part of the prize is exchangeable for cash or any other prize.
8) These tickets are for the Saturday event ONLY.  If you know you cannot attend do not enter contest!
9)  Don't be a dick.

Good luck!


The Beer Buddha

PS Your comment won't appear right away.  I have to "approve" the comment first.  Don't worry!

UPDATE:  Brenton Day from Ale Runner and Vanessa Gomes from Champagne Beverage are now a judges!


Unknown said...

Yo Buddha! I would love to get these tickets. I was deeply involved with the local beer community for a whike....then I had a kid! And guess what? I have another one due in a few months! So this might be my last chance to schmooze with the LA beer peeps. I've been to the Top of the Hops (when it was in Mandeville) and NOLA on tap, which were hella rad. I'd love to experience the eclectic diversity at this event.
Anyway, even if you don't pick me, thanks for the dope blog and keeping me abreast of the local happenings (yeah, I said breast). Oh, and shout out to my homies at Gnarly Barley!!



Kyle Gordon said...

I could start off with, ”hey dude, I really need these, because, I like, really like beer… and stuff”. But since I’m commenting on this post to win tickets to a beer tasting, you already know I like beer, or at least you should. I need these tickets because I need more from WYES. I need more grandmaw’s orgasmically fainting on Antiques Roadshow because her crocheted framed portrait of Sammy Kershaw just appraised for $50,000. Of course, she picked it up for $1.25 at a garage sale in Satartia, MS. Why else do I need WYES? Who else has the back-to-back-to-bacj triple play of Arthur, Martha Stewart, and Curious George? No, seriously they do. When you call in sick because you drank too many Mechahopzillas the night before, you have to watch something during the day, and Martha doesn’t come back to life after being killed off on a soap opera. Or does she? And, finally, I need these tickets because of Peggy Scott Laborde. Yes, PEGGY SCOTT LABORDE. That is all. (Oh, and I like beer.)

Anonymous said...

if I win ill bring better beer to the bottle share on Saturday. (westy 12?)


ps- I really like drinking beer.

Morgan Speer said...

My best friend and I are two Louisiana native women, in law school, and we LOVE BEER.

So think about that for a second:

1. We're from Louisiana, so we love supporting all things local, including local breweries (we've tried making it to every beer festival the city had in the past academic year).

2. We're women, which I find is rare in the beer-loving scene. Lots of women love beer, sure, but they don't love ALL beer. I have yet to find a beer I truly despised (not totally true, Fort Collins Brewery Z Lager smells like it should taste like bacon, then it doesn't, and that upsets me). She is the same way, we both truly love, LOVE, love beer.

3. We're in law school. Now, this might deserve an 'oh great,' reaction, seeing that everyone and their mom hates lawyers, but WE ARE IN THE STUDY PROCESS. We also graduate next May, and this time next summer, we'll be studying for the bar so we will not be able to attend. That means we might even need this more than the man who is about to have his second child.

Think about it. Local women law students. Boom.

Grant Capone said...

I deserve the tickets because I need to perform as much "research" as possible before opening up my own New Orleans brew pub. I started homebrewing a little over two years ago and fell in love with the hobby. I already have a business plan written up for a place and am hoping to get a loan to start building the place with my best friend within the next two years. My wife's birthday wish recently (she'd love to go too, and it was her birthday) was that I get a business loan. Isn't she sweet?

So why should I get the tickets? Because I want to help further the craft beer scene in New Orleans!

-Grant Capone

Mike said...

I need these tickets! I've yet to make it to a major beer event in New Orleans since I moved here last year. First it was because I just moved here when the WYES event was last year. Then I got married on the New Orleans on Tap festival. Just for the record, I didn't plan that. The rain delayed it a week. I have to make up for these indiscretions.

michelleroberie said...

I would love to go!!! I'm a stay at home mom with two toddlers under three and a fourteen year old high-functioning autistic son who goes to an online high school. I'm a busy momma and I'm in need of an adult night out!!!!

Maria Freia said...

I'm a rare female beer lover. I rarely get to actually get to go any where being a single mom, but I would find a way for this event.

Geoff said...

I've never been to the WYES beer tasting. I've always wanted to go. We live super close to the UNO Arena, so it'd be really convenient.

I love nothing more than to try a beer I've never had before. It's like making a new friend, or a new enemy if it tastes like ass.

At any rate, you know I love beer. Hell, I've got a hop tattooed on my arm! Plus, hey, supporting WYES is a Good Thing. Especially since we don't have cable.

Jordan Grove said...

Beer paradise?! Oh, hell yeah! First off, I love beer. LOVE beer. My first beer was a Schlitz when I was 16 and that started a love affair that's only intensified. Every pay day I go to the store to buy beers I've never tried before. I go to home brewing events, follow as many local beer bloggers as possible, read your book the day it was released, and absorb anything beer related, especially locally beer related.
I would love nothing more than to go to the International Beer Tasting and mingle with the many fine folks in the beer industry, try some new beers I've wanted to try but haven't yet, and learn more about beer.

Fingers crossed,
Jordan Grove