Friday, May 31, 2013

Douchepocalypse Now

Stoled from da internets

I've always wanted to use that as a title and think the moment is now.  I just read a post from a brewery employee(not gonna say who, what or where as that's irrelevant) who stated they saw a person on the brewery tour fill up the tasting glass/cup provided (which is fine) and then proceeded to fill up the water bottle they brought as well as their "go cup" option.

This pisses me off.  Yes, the beer at tours here in Louisiana are free to the public but these tours should not be your "pre-game" before hitting the town.  These tours are supposed to be educational in nature so you beer heathens can learn a little something about the brewing process.  Seeing this process can definitely add  to your beer drinking experience.

Doing something like this is similar to going to Sams or Costco and being that douche who takes all the food samples.  I used to work in the food demo business and saw this kind of crap all the time.  What these people don't realize is this costs businesses money.  This is a form of advertising for them.

Whether you scarf down the entire plate of cheddar cheese jalapeno poppers or fill your Dasani water bottle with "free" beer you are costing the company money.  The person behind you may not get the chance to try that product now because you're a gluttonous douche.  Not being able to try the product might mean they won't buy the product which means the business didn't make money.  Good job dumbass.

Save your arguments about how big mega corporations can afford it and all that crap.  I don't care.  Many of these breweries are small businesses and in my opinion you're affecting their bottom line.  Stop being a douche.  Have a couple beers, enjoy the tour and go buy a beer from your local bar.  And remember:  Don't steal the glass from the bar.  That's douchey too.


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Ron Guzman said...

I have free home brew samples here at the store (Main Grain). I had a person (I won't call him a customer) come in recently that was from out of town and on vacation. He said that he was not going to purchase anything because he buys everything from his local store (which is fine), but came in to see a home brew demo. I politely told him that I was not brewing that day because I was having problems with my kegerator that I was trying to fix and all the beer was frozen. He asked if it was all frozen, and when I told him that they were, he starting walking out. I said that I was sorry, and told him that next time he is in town, he is more then welcome to come in and try some beer. As he was walking out, he said that he would not be coming back. THEN, the next day he walks in and asks if the beer is still frozen. I told him that they were not frozen, but were warm and he is welcome to some warm samples. He then said, "What kind of place is this?" and walked out.

So, he wanted free beer, had no intentions of purchasing anything, and was pissy when he could not get a nice cool beer!