Saturday, May 11, 2013

American Craft Beer Week: My Picks

American Craft Beer Week in New Orleans has changed.  Changed for the better!  There is a helluva lot more shit to do than say in 2009!

With all the stuff going on ultimately you'll have to pick and choose.  I'm not going to post every friggin event.  Nora over at Nora's Beer Blog did a kick ass job of that already!  These are my picks of events during ACBW that I think sound awesome!

Here are my recommendations:


Avenue Pub 4 pm.

A crawfish boil with Bayou Teche?  Duh.  The beers being served?  Baiser Francais (French Kiss with Alsatian Hops), Cocodrie Belgian Tripel IPA, and Passionnee dry hopped with New Zealand hop varietal Motueka.  This is a no brainer.


Avenue Pub 6 pm

Southern Tier Roll Out Party.  I'm not trying to be partial to Avenue Pub I swear but this event shouldn't be missed.  It's Southern Tier.  And they're coming to New Orleans.  The beers being served?  2 Time IPA, Live, Pumking, Creme Brulee, Oat, Mokah, and Hope Sun (Bottle Pour).


Wayfare 6:30 pm

Beer dinners in my opinion should really never be over $50.  This one isn't.  The beers being served are:  Tin Roof, Bayou Teche, Saint Arnold, Lazy Magnolia.  They will aslo have some Old New Orleans Rum and Cathead Vodka.  I'd call the Wayfare and book this shit right now.  Phone number is:  504-309-0069.

EDIT:  THIS EVENT IS SOLD OUT!!!  Just found out!  Go to Avenue Pub!


Avenue Pub 5 pm

Sour beers?  Yes please.

Downstairs starts at 3pm.  Beers being served?  Stillwater Lower Dens, Local Option Gose, Hill Farmstead La Vermontoise

Upstairs starts at 5pm.  Beers being served?  Against the Grain Tickle Me Ale-Mo, Saint Arnold Bishop’s Barrel #2, Jolly Pumpkin Sobrehumano and Hill Farmstead / Fantome Collaboration


This was a tough call.  The Kill Your Palate Night at Avenue Pub sounds enticing.  However so does chili pepper aged Blonde Tin Roof and a Bayou Teche firkin of Biere Noire at Evangeline. Flip a coin. Evangeline's is 7pm-9pm.  Avenue Pub's starts at 3pm.


Martin Wine Cellar Metairie 6:30pm.-8pm

Without a doubt the Beer and BBQ Tasting at Martin's in Metairie could be the best bang for your buck during ACBW.  $20?  Are you kidding me?   BBQ and over 70 beers to taste. For $20.  This price shocks me.  Their ad says a reception style dinner.  Call 504-896-7300 NOW for reservations.


Avenue Pub 2 pm.

5th Annual Avenue Pub Grand Tasting. Holy shit look at this list!


I'm gonna say do what you want day.  YOYO day.  Your On Your Own.  I was going to recommend a certain place but decided after what happened to a friend there I won't.  Most likely you'll be giving your liver a break this day.

Have a great American Craft Beer Week and don't forget to thank wherever you are for participating!


The Beer Buddha

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