Sunday, July 8, 2012

Screw You Weight Loss! You Won This Week But I'll Be Back!

(This pic I stole off the internet somewhere.  I don't remember where.)

Okay so this week sucked.  I actually gained a pound back.  I'll be honest though I am glad it was only a pound.  I ate like crap.

Apparently I am what they call an "emotional eater".  I translate that as I eat when I am depressed, I eat when I am happy, I eat when I'm mad, etc.  I think I just like food.  Although my wife says I can be pretty emotional.  Yes, The Beer Buddha has emotions.

Either way I'm not giving up.  Started doing a little run/walk thing and I feel pretty good.  Hopefully that'll help.  Well, I'm sure that'll help.  I'm pretty sure the key to losing weight is pretty simple: Move more, eat less.  I don't need any fad diets or to sprinkle some weird fairy dust all over my food.  It may work for some people and that's awesome but I want to earn my weight loss the old fashion way.  Hard work.


The Beer Buddha

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