Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Brash Brewing LA Release Party

Yup, Brash Brewing is in Louisiana and they will be throwing a party to celebrate.  The brewery is from Texas but contract brews out of Massachusetts(Clown Shoes).  Sounds weird right?  Welcome to the world of too much government intervention.  

The owner of Brash Brewing is Ben Fullelove who also owns Houston based craft beer bar The Petrol Station.  Like many states Texas doesn't allow a bar owner to own a brewery.  Now he could own a brew pub but I'm not sure if Texas law allows retail sales.  I know Louisiana doesn't.  Instead he partnered with Clown Shoes to contract brew his beer.  

Anyway, according to their Facebook page they will be throwing a party at Avenue Pub which they are labeling a Texas Exile party.  The party will be September 29th and they will be there along with Gregg Berman from Clown Shoes.  Not sure what time.  I would check Avenue Pubs website the closer we get to the date.


The Beer Buddha

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Eric Ducote said...

He could do a brewpub in Texas for sure... it's legal in Louisiana also but then you can only sell on premise and can't also distribute to other bars.

The laws are so dumb sometimes, but at least it's not just LA.