Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Beer Buddha Turns 4

That's right. Today is The Beer Buddha's birthday. Apparently I have been writing this blog for four years.  Man it feels longer.

I started this blog in order to spread the love of beer in New Orleans and also to learn more about beer. I think I can say I have accomplished both.

The beer scene in New Orleans has changed dramatically over the past four years.  We have a bar that is ranked on Draft Magazines best beer bars in America with Avenue Pub.  We now have at least 3 more beer festivals in the area.  Our selection of beer is much better than four years ago.  We are due to have around 10+ breweries in Louisiana by the end of this year.  The distributors are certainly more on board with craft then they were 4 years ago.   And we are just getting started!

I wonder where New Orleans will be four years from now?   I think we have bright craft beer future.  We are building it slowly but smartly in my opinion.  For craft beer enthusiasts it's a good time to not only live in New Orleans but all of Louisiana!

Thanks to all of you who have been loyal readers over the years!  It's been an awesome beer journey and I look forward to more!


The Beer Buddha

PS I think for number 5 we need to throw a party!

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Travis said...

Why not for number 4?