Friday, September 5, 2008

Beer Review: Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca

Ok, so as many of you know I "evacuated" my beer during Hurricane Gustav. It came out to about three cases of beer. This may sound stupid to you but if you ever find yourself in El Dorado, Arkansas you'll be wishing you brought your own beer as well. The selection, while not Mississippi or Alabama bad, was pretty pathetic. The only craft beer I saw in the area was New Belgium, Rogue, Boulevard and the local brew, Diamond Bear. The rest was "craft" from the BMC boys and your typical macro brew. So after about three days of small town, in laws, visiting an old folks home three times and a TV with one station I started going through beer withdrawal and the Jolly Pumpkin Calabaza Blanca was the cure. Enough talk, on to the review!

Brewery: Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

Beer: Calabaza Blanca (Batch #279)

Style: Witbier

ABV: 4.80%

Recommended Glassware: Pint Glass, Pilsener glass or mug

Serving Type: Chalice(it's all I had)

Appearance- The beer poured a hazy golden color with a nice medium white head that stuck around awhile. The lacing was present throughout the life of the beer.

Smell- Wonderful citrus aroma. Nice hints of orange and lemon zest. Nice barnyard funkiness with hints of spices and hops.

Taste- A nice grain taste with hints of orange, lemons, spices and a sour funkiness. Very clean and dry with a nice bitter finish.

Mouthfeel- Has a nice creamy mouthfeel with a medium high carbonation which gives it a nice crispness.

Overall- Another impressive beer from Jolly Pumpkin. This one isn't my favorite but is still a top notch, interesting brew. These beers make me want to try more wild ale beers!! Great stuff!

Score: Photobucket 4 out of 5 Buddhas

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The Beer Wench said...

Mmmm this beer sounds mighty tasty! Very proud of you for evacuating your beer! Even more happy that everything is okay in NOLA!!! Looking forward to drinking with you in the near future!