Sunday, September 7, 2008

Great American Beer Diet Challenge Week 4

Once again it is weigh-in time. I missed last week due to having to evacuate for Hurricane Gustav but I am back and hoping that we don't have to evacuate again for Hurricane Ike! If another hurricane comes I'm going to have to enact Operation Heavy Drinker which will have me drinking and reviewing a helluva lot of beers so I won't have to evacuate so many next time!!

As you can see I gained weight this week. I weighed in at 277 with is approximately a 5 pound gain from the 272 I reported to Chipper Dave. I guess that is what happens when you eat nothing but fast food and order the Rib Feast at JJ's Barbecue which was the local BBQ joint in El Dorado, Arkansas. Damn good I might add!! Well no more of that and back to the grind! Until next week I leave you with picture evidence of my weight gain!


The Beerbuddha



Bryon said...


When I got caught in Katrina, I lived off of white bread, peanut butter and jelly for a week. Oh and a variety of junk food and soda... You're entitled to gain a few when it comes to natural disasters...

Consider tracking your progress on traineo...

Chipper Dave said...

At least you ate well during your evacuation. I'm getting healthy after my bout with sickness and my appetite usually kicks in big time when I'm sick. I've gotta buckle down and get back at it this week. Let's hope Ike doesn't make you evacuate again.