Sunday, September 14, 2008

Great American Beer Diet Challenge Week 5

Looks like I clocked in at around 274 this week. Sweet, a 3 pound loss! Looks like that 12oz prime rib and loaded baked potato from Texas Roadhouse didn't hurt me all that bad. By the way, that damn steak was awesome! Oh, and the rolls with that cinnamon butter? WHAT! Killer! Oh and yeah I have been drinking at least one beer a day!!

The funny part is I haven't exercised at all the entire time. I really haven't had the time. Ok, that's bullshit, I haven't really made the time. It's tough when you're trying to balance a family, a job and the exercise on top of that. I guess I should quit bitching and just try to find some time huh? I make time to check my email and my fantasy football team! Oh well I'll try! Anyways, until next week!!


The Beerbuddha

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Chipper Dave said...

Sometimes the scale likes you and sometimes it doesn't. Still nearly 4 weeks left and anything can happen. I'm back to my exercise bike today. I'm going to get motivated again this week!