Sunday, September 29, 2013

Chillin' with Greg Koch

So recently I received an email from Stone Brewing's Public Relations Specialist Sabrina LoPiccolo about meeting with owner Greg Koch at Avenue Pub before the Stone Tap Takeover this past Thursday night during Louisiana Craft Brewers Week.  I think I was expected to do a professional sit down interview but yeah, that's just not really me.  Just sitting down, drinking beer and chatting about beer was all I wanted to do.

I have to admit I got that opportunity.  What a great time.  I had the opportunity to try their The Tiger Cub saison and we just chatted about beer.  I did inquire about his thoughts on our lack of craft breweries in the state compared to other states.  His answer was a good one when he stated he isn't from here so doesn't know.  Honest answer.  He did throw in that San Diego alone has over 80 breweries compared to Louisiana's 7.  Ugh.

He stated he had an amazing meal at Cochon and enjoyed some beers at NOLA Brewing.

He also apparently LOVED Parish Brewing's Farmhouse IPA.  Here is a pick courtesy Avenue Pub:

Polly also mentioned that despite being really tired he set his alarm for 4:30am and came back to the Pub at 5am in order to greet the oil/gas workers and medical workers that work the night shifts. Classy move Greg, classy move!

Thanks for coming to New Orleans and I hope you enjoyed your time here Greg!


The Beer Buddha

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