Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Follow Up Post To NOLA Brewing Getting Sued: The Toho Should Chill Out Edition

So if you read my last post about NOLA Brewing being sued by Godzilla creater Toho Co Ltd. you may be interested in these brands from other breweries.

Terrapin Hopzilla

Ithaca Brewing Cascazilla

Bert Grant's Hopzilla IPA

So is Toho just randomly picking on a small New Orleans brewery or is there more to come?  How could they just pick on NOLA Brewing and not these other breweries?  I'm no lawyer nor do I have all the facts in this case but it seems like Toho should just chill out and drink a Mechahopzilla.


The Beer Buddha


Frolic said...

Bert is dead, right? So he's immune to suit. One advantage of being dead.

Joel Ohmer said...