Monday, September 9, 2013

NOLA Brewing Being Sued Over Mechahopzilla

Just read here that NOLA Brewing is being sued by the Japanese company that owns the rights to Godzilla.   Toho Co Ltd is claiming that, "NOLA’s 'Mechahopzilla' beer violates Toho’s copyrights for the famed Japanese monster Godzilla's mechanized counterpart Mechagodzilla."

They also claim, "NOLA unlawfully attempted to take advantage of the popularity and public recognition achieved by Toho’s fictional characters for the purpose of attracting attention to itself and its beer brand"

So now does this mean we can finally sue every Japanese company for taking American ideas and improving on them?  And after that god awful Matthew Broderick Godzilla remake you would think Toho would be happy with Mechahopzilla bringing attention BACK to the Godzilla franchise.


The Beer Buddha


Anonymous said...

And what is nola's response?

Eric Ducote said...

I hope you got permission to use that mechagodzilla picture or you'll be sued next!