Friday, August 2, 2013

Sweet Ass Beer News From Abita!

Just got some cool news coming from Abita! Check it out!

Changes to Harvest Lineup 2014

Lemon Wheat will be moving into the Harvest Lineup
Abita Strawberry will be available on draft
Satsuma will be discontinued

So that will give us:

Winter- Grapefruit IPA
Spring- Abita Strawberry
Summer- Lemon Wheat
Fall- Pecan

Seasonal Lineup Additions for 2014

Seersucker Summer Pilsner

Abita Select Line Up

Machiatto Espresso Milk Stout- November release
Hopgator- This will be a hopped up version of Andygator. They haven’t decided on the hops yet! Available January through February.
Imperator- This will be a Black IPA and will be available March through April.
Triple Haze- This one did really well for Abita last year and will be available May through July.
Legendary Gator- This one will be an 11% “triple helles dopplebock”. Think Andygator on steroids. Should be available August through September
Naughty Quaker- This will be an oatmeal stout and will be available October through December.

**All these dates for the Select Series are subject to change**

I have to admit I am really looking forward to the Seersucker Summer Pilsner. Louisiana really needs a good, solid lager to drink during the brutal heat. I also made sure(again)to let them know that we would love to see the Abita Selects in bottle form!

The Beer Buddha

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Psyched for that milk stout!!