Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Beer Rumor: Kona Brewing Coming To Louisiana

I have it on good authority that Kona Brewing is coming to Louisiana.  According to my source he spoke with the Kona rep and it was mentioned we will see their beer released around the Superbowl.  Honestly I expected to see this beer sooner since we are surrounded by it having it in Texas, Alabama and Florida.

If you look at the below distribution map from their website you'll see they apparently don't like the middle of the country.

Very odd.  Either way glad to see them coming into the market.  I think they will do fairly well in the grocery stores.  I don't anticipate a huge bar presence.  I could be wrong though.  We shall see!


The Beer Buddha

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Smurfe said...

I have heard great things about this brewery on The Brewing Network. In regard to your comment that they don't like The Middle States, that is BMC country like it is around here.

I will say though that our particular area here in N.O. and B.R. are really becoming Craft Beer scenes. Just look at the past 2-3 years. It is amazing. From the way it sounds, we have more to come soon such as Lagunitas.

Whats great where we live in the center is hopefully we can attract from the west AND east coast and enjoy craft beer from all corners.