Wednesday, October 3, 2012

31 Days of Pumpkin Beers

I love pumpkin beers.  The more like pumpkin pie the better.  I decided to really get into pumpkin beers this year and if you are following me on Facebook you noticed I started my 31 Days of Pumpkin Beers.  I will attempt to drink a pumpkin beer every day for the month of October and then at the end I will rank them.  It doesn't sound all that challenging but getting 31 pumpkin beers has been difficult.  In Louisiana we maybe have 7 available.  Many friends have stepped up and brought me beers and are shipping me beers.

Each night/day I will post a picture to Facebook(and try on here) of the beer I am drinking.  I will also put a list on the sidebar of the beers I have consumed.   At the end of the month I will look over my notes and scores and will rank them.

Stay Tuned!


The Beer Buddha


Nicole said...

LJealous! Wish I could find even one pumpkin beer here to enjoy! Let me know which one was your favorite!

Bob said...

Man, I wish we had more pumpkin beers around here. I'm in NEED of an Imperial Pumpkin Ale ASAP!