Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Beer Buddha's 2012 Resolutions

1) Lose Weight. Even The Beer Buddha struggles with weight loss. I need to realize that just because I'm lifting pint glasses to my lips it doesn't mean I'm working out.

2) Start homebrewing. It's time I really start doing this. I think it can help me become a better writer. Okay not writer but beer drinker for sure. Brewstock here I come!

3) Stop picking on Abita. Apparently they feel like my opinion is biased and I am picking on them. I'm not picking on you but in the interest of supporting local beer I shall stop. At least I will try to stop. Perhaps a beer summit with myself and the owner? That would be cool. I do however need to do the beer tour. Haven't done it yet. Will they let me in?

4) Go to the Great American Beer Festival. This looks like it is going to happen. Stay tuned!

5) I need to get back to my weekly visits to Avenue Pub. Once I got promoted at work it become tough but I need to do this.

6) Drink and review more beers. Tough one I know.

7) Build a bar in my backyard. I've really wanted to do this for a while. Turn my whole backyard into some awesome island oasis with a bar and shit. Maybe 2012 will be the year it happens.

8) Host a big ass craft beer party at my backyard bar(see 7 if you skipped).

9) Beer trading. I do this occasionally but would like to try more beers from around the country and share all the local beers we are beginning to see.

10) Make 2012 another great year for beer in Louisiana!

Do you have any beer related resolutions for 2012? Comment on this post! We would love to hear them!


The Beer Buddha


Storm Harbison said...

Sounds like some great resolutions for 2012!! I'd like to try a little home brewing myself, but not sure I have to space or time for it. There used to be a group up here on the northshore that helped each other with home brewing, but I'm not sure they're still active. I need to look into that more.

Happy New year!

Travis said...

1) "I work out."
2) CCH meets the first Wednesday of the month at the Deutsches Haus. See this Wednesday.
3) Good deal. I met the owner and he's a decent beer-centric guy.
4) See you there!
5) I feel you.
6) Looking forward to it.
7) REALLY looking forward to it...
8) REALLY REALLY looking forward to it!!!
9) Have fun and I hope you grab some good stuff.
10) This is a lock.