Thursday, December 15, 2011

Beerodamus' New Orleans Beer Scene 2012

2012. While a lot of the world is preparing for the end thanks to incorrectly reading a calendar from a group of people who couldn't predict their own downfall, I will be looking forward to the many beertastic things I hope to see in New Orleans in 2012.

Do I know for sure these things are going to happen(or not happen)? No, of course not but damn it would pretty kick ass if they did! Here ya go! Beerodamus' New Orleans Beer Scene 2012!!!

1) NOLA Brewing will team up with another southern brewery to make a kick ass collaboration beer. I really feel this one. For real.

2) Louisiana will have one brewery win a medal at the 2012 Great American Beer Festival. The last Louisiana brewery to do this? Dixie in 1988 with a silver for their Dixie Amber Light.

3) Avenue Pub will continue to be the best beer bar in Louisiana. Duh.

4) We will begin to see a second wave of out of state craft breweries entering the state for distribution. Lagunitas will be one of them.

5) We will see at least 10 solid local breweries distributing in the state. New Orleans will still only have one.

6) We will find out the that rumor that Barcade will be opening a New Orleans location is true. And the story broke here. Just now. As you read it. Right now. Done been broke.

7) Abita will release a beer in bottles that will knock our socks off.

8) New Belgium Brewing will still not be distributing here in Louisiana. Neither will Yuengling.

9) More local New Orleans restaurants will figure out that carrying craft beer is where it's at. But they still won't hire anyone that will know anything about the beers thereby making their selection irrelevant.

10) New Orleans will begin to become a major player in the craft beer movement. We won't be mecca status but people will begin to recognize and respect our city as a great place for craft beer!

There you have it. My predictions for the New Orleans beer scene in 2012. If you have any that you think will happen feel free to comment! Would love to hear your thoughts!


The Beer Buddha


Matt Newman said...

You are grasping at straws my friend. The awesomeness that is Barcade will not be arriving anytime soon. Have you even been to a Barcade?

The Beer Buddha said...


Someone I know spoke to the owner and they commented that they were thinking about it. Its a rumor. A fun one too. Half the shit on here is just for fun. ;)



michigan breweries said...

Looks like you have alot of plans for 2012! I need to (well more like want to) take a trip down to Louisiana.. I feel that the trip needs to be sooner then later!
Thanks for the article!

michigan breweries

SpitRaw McGraw said...

Welp… I'm 2 years late… BUT!!!!!! looks like the beer Buddha was right… lol, I just found out(late as hell) that there is a barcade in the CBD of New Orleans… I WILL BE THERE AFTER I ATTEND MY FIRST BEERFEST!!! Beerfest2013!!!!!