Saturday, May 8, 2010

Have a Beery Hoppy Mother's Day

Behind every beer fanatical husband and dad is a woman who has to deal with all the crap. This Mother's Day I want to thank my wife who is the mother to my little girl, Evangeline. Without my wife The Beer Buddha wouldn't be possible. Here is a list of the top 10 beer related things my wife puts up with on a regular basis:

1) Me always on
2) Me always messing around on
3) Me always saying, "Honey, I have to get that beer so I can review it on my website."
4) Me always planning beer trips for our vacation. I can always find something beer related no matter where we go. And also letting me buy tons of beer to bring back home.
5) Me always spending my Friday nights down at Avenue Pub. And she never complains.
6) Always letting me go to Beeradvocate events. And helping out when she is there.
7) Being my designated driver. ALL the time. She doesn't drink so of course she'll always be the DD.
8) Allowing me to follow my dream even when it changes or I get laid off or it doesn't pay a lot.
9) Allowing me to buy 5 different beer magazines in order for me to do "research". Let's see there is Beer Magazine(my personal favorite), Beeradvocate Magazine, Draft Magazine, All About Beer Magazine and Zymurgy Magazine.
10) Always trying every beer that I try even though she doesn't like the taste of beer.

So there you have it people. Make sure this Mother's Day you are thanking the mother of your child who is letting you get your beer on. Oh and of course I can't forget to say Happy Mother's Day to my mom. Without her giving birth to me The Beer Buddha wouldn't even be alive. So Mom, thanks for getting drunk and conceiving me.


The Beer Buddha

PS I really don't think my mom was drunk but she could have been.

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