Sunday, May 16, 2010

DIrty Little Secrets

Ok, so I have to confess something here on this blog.  I have a dirty little secret.  I occasionally enjoy American-style lagers.  There I said it.  Let's see how long it takes for people to stop reading The Beer Buddha.  That's ok though because from the very beginning my goal was to take the snobbery out of beer.

There are many times(especially when I'm low on cash)you'll see me drinking a PBR or some other cheap macro lager and I'm honestly not embarrassed.  There is always a time and place for every beer.  Sometimes when you're out grilling or have the ribs on the BBQ(there is a difference between grilling and BBQ)it's so hot outside you want a beer that is light, crisp, clean and refreshing.  Sorry to all you beer snobs but a double IPA just isn't gonna cut it for me.  And come on if you're throwing a party with 50+ of your closest friends you want something tasty yet relatively cheap right?  An $18 6 pack just isn't going to work.  This is where the America-style lager comes in to play.  You know what I'm talking about: Budweiser, Miller, Coors, PBR, etc.  The following is my top 5 list of best American-style lagers available on the market:

1) PBR- Yeah I know all the hipsters love it but it really isn't that bad.  It has a nice maltiness to it with a slight grassiness from the very little hops added.  Very crisp, clean and refreshing beer.

2) Miller High Life- Again this one is a crisp, clean and refreshing brew with sweet maltiness and actually almost zero hop taste present.  I would avoid the 6 packs and try cans or 12 packs since this bottle comes in the clear bottle.

3) Pacifico- Not only do these guys have a cool surfer vibe marketing campaign going on but Pacifico in my book is the best Mexican offering available.  And yes I know this isn't an American beer.  Remember I said American-style lager.  Seriously though try it.

4) Red Stripe- HOORAY BEER!  I love these guys marketing as well but the beer is great too.  This Jamaican classic has a nice sweet maltiness with a slight citrus hop flavor.   And how can you not love the little stubby bottles they come in. 

5) Lone Star- Started by Adolphus Busch(yes, that Adolphus Busch) and some San Antonio business men Lone Star has been around and kicking since 1884.  I prefer this one out of the can but like all the others on this list it is a crisp, clean and refreshing brew.  Oh and a buddy of mine picked up a 6 pack of 16oz cans for me in Texas for $5.59.  Not bad.

Hope you enjoyed the list and if you have any beers to add please feel free to let me know via the comment section!


The Beer Buddha


Drunk-Monkey said...

If you just can't get over the macro thing, there are a few craft American lagers that are also just as refreshing. Boulevard's Pilsner (which I just had while grilling some steaks) is a stellar crisp lager. Plus it's $5.99 a six pack. That's a kick in the nuts to the Bud Light market

Glass Bottles said...

I think all of them are good. I can get through a few PBRs and Lonestars, but they have to be kept darn cold, or else they just become undrinkable after a couple. Good list though, glad to see you're still human!

BringItBack said...

Sure wish New Orleans had its own version of Lone Star or PBR. Seems like an old school beer with a brand new taste could do really well. Don't you think, Buddha?

The Beer Buddha said...


Oh they already have it. Just maybe needs to tweek the flavor a bit.