Saturday, February 27, 2010

Beer Rumors

So yesterday I told you about Schmaltz Brewing coming into Louisiana.  Well get ready because it looks like we may have two more coming as well.  Rumor has it that both Magic Hat Brewing and Boulevard Brewing are coming to Louisiana possibly in April.  I really can't express my excitement that these new beers are coming especially Boulevard.  I really enjoy Boulevard brews particularly their special releases.  Saison-Brett is one of my favorites!

Louisiana is definitely getting better in terms of its beer selection.  If we can maintain this steady growth of local breweries and out of town breweries coming I foresee New Orleans becoming a cultural hub for beer nerds everywhere.  We already have the best cuisine the US has to offer so it just makes sense that we have a great beer selection as well.  Get ready cause the times, they are a changing.  I can feel it!


The Beer Buddha

PS Be ready for April 22-25 for a Stone Brewing Jazz Fest extravaganza.  It'll be held at Avenue Pub and I hear they will have some cask beers, aged beers and possibly some rare bottles. More details to come!!


Drunk-Monkey said...

I knew Boulevard was expanding distribution, but hadn't heard about Louisiana. I hear Smokestacks will get a wider distribution, that have even bee n spotted in Oregon

Tanya said...

Well that's exciting news...I love Magic Hat! Thanks for all the updates about new brews in LA.

Cinderella_Man said...

MMMMMMMM, Magic Hat. That is wonderful news. They were just hitting the Atlanta market as I was moving back to NOLA. I look forward to tasting their, erm.... MAGIC elixirs once again. Xop

On the poll, since there wasn't an "All of the above" option, I selected "Other"
Cheers, Buddha!

The Beer Buddha said...

Drunk Monkey- It's just a rumor so we'll see. I really hope they are coming. It was Saturday when I posted this so I couldn't call to verify.

Tanya- It is exciting and your welcome!

Cinderella Man- Yeah Magic hat had just releases into Florida where I spent some time recently. Not a great roll out in the Panhandle so I hope for better here in LA. All of the should have been an option. You're right!!!