Thursday, February 4, 2010

Back in The Big Easy

So we made it safe and sound back to the Big Easy on Friday. I haven't posted anything for awhile cause I've been trying to settle in and look for some employment. That and we have a virus on our computer which is making life hell for me. I did have the chance to stop by The Avenue Pub, Steins Deli and NOLA Brewing which was a breath of fresh air compared to the Panhandle. No offense to my people out there but man there was just nothing going on out there. I was lucky enough to try NOLA Brewing's Saison which was nice. Peter, NOLA's Brewmaster, said they had decided to change up the recipe and remove some of the sugar which they believe was making it too sweet. It was definitely on the sweet side but was still pretty good.

I was told by Kirk that NOLA Brewing hopes to be bottling by the end of this year. I think the people of New Orleans are really looking forward to being able to pick up some NOLA beer in bottles. They do have the NOLA draft packs out there on the market so be on the lookout. I saw some NOLA Hopitoulas at Rouses on Tchoupitoulas St for $36.99.

Apparently Bayou Teche Brewing is bottling their beer and were handing out samples of their LA 31 to local bars and stores here in town on Monday. If I can get my hands on a sample I'll be sure to review it here on the website.

As most of you know the New Orleans Saints are in the Superbowl and the city is gearing up for Mardi Gras as well. The next couple weeks I will probably be sporadically posting if I survive. No job + Mardi Gras = Hella Good Time.

Cheers and Who Dat!!

The Beer Buddha


Tanya said...

Can't wait for the bottles of NOLA! And it's too bad, but I don't think my local Rouses has the draft packs...anyway, I try to drink it on tap at bars/restaurants. So when's the Saison coming out??

Who Dat!

The Beer Buddha said...


Make sure to ask your local Rouses manager to start carrying the product! Take matters into your own hands! As for the Saison it'll be coming out in the spring but I'm not sure of an exact date.

Cheers and Who Dat!