Monday, December 21, 2009

Ed Hardy Beer: Even Douchebags Need Beer

In honor of MTVs newest reality hit Jersey Shore I bring you Ed Hardy beer! Yes, it's true. MTV would rather show you this show instead of actual music videos. And yes young ones, MTV used to show videos. With bands and music and stuff.

You know I've heard that the famous(infamous?)Ed Hardy brand was coming out with a new beer but haven't actually seen a bottle of it yet. I actually forgot all about it until Jersey Shore came out. I assume they only sell it up in New Jersey or maybe Miami. You know, targeted audience and all. They do have an Ed Hardy vodka which unfortunately we sell at Chan's Wine World but I'm not in charge of ordering liquor AND it actually sells.

If you go to aka Douchebag R Us you can get an entire collection of awesome Ed Hardy gear to go along with your clothes, beer and vodka. Like check out these awesome Ed Hardy pint glasses below!

So while you're doing your fist pump dance you can be drinking your Ed Hardy beer out of your Ed Hardy pint glass in your Ed Hardy shirt. Sweet!

Honestly, this is extremely lame and is just another way for a company to try and capitalize off of the success of craft beer. Pathetic. What's next? Is Calvin Klein gonna make CK IPA. For men. Ed Hardy needs to stick to what he does best and that is clothing America's guidos. And on that note I leave you with this.


The Beer Buddha


Randy Clemens said...

Oh man, I had just seen this the other day and was thinking about doing a similar post. But I no longer can, because no matter how funny my post title may have been, I'm pretty sure yours is perfect.

The Beer Snob said...

I think that's a sign of the apocalypse....and Jersey show makes me feel really bad about American society

Anonymous said...

Where in the Hell did Vinnie steal my moves from? I am pissed he stole my pelvic thrust!

All joking aside, I am glad to see that Thomas's brother Ed is doing something useful with his beer making talents.

Adam said...

After watching that video, the little faith I had left in humanity disappeared.

Ricky said...

Great post man. Just out of curiosity, did you try the beer? Or is that never going to happen (in which I case I completely understand).

Nate said...

Wow... I mean where do you go with this.

Not sure if you have it in the US, but here in Switzerland we have the Ed Hard Energy Drinks. But Beer... many I'm depressed at seeing this.

Randy summed it up right. What you said, your post is perfect.

The Beer Surveyor said...

I saw a pair of Ed Hardy jeans on sale for 139.00. I can't wait to see what a six-pack fetches.

Anonymous said...

I had one of these beers a few days ago and it was fucking terrible. Similar to Budweiser, but worse...and I'm not advocating Bud. Threw away before I finished half. If you want a shitty, Mexican knock-off of an American pilsner, order a Corona without the lime and save a buck.

ed hardy said...

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