Saturday, December 12, 2009

Panhandle Beer News

Some good news for the Panhandle on the new beer front. Two new breweries will be entering the area come February: Victory Brewing out of Pennsylvania and The Bruery out of California. Victory is actually already in Florida but the Panhandle being the red headed step child of Florida that it is we are the third phase of the roll out so we'll get it in February. Rumor has it that they went with Lewis Bear distributing. As for The Bruery I was told by Patrick Rue(the owner)that "we'll be shipping the first or 2nd week of January to the Tampa, Orlando, and SE Florida markets so expect to see our beers in mid-January" and as far as the Panhandle they are still in talks with distributors for this area and that hopefully they will be here by "February or so.". Either way this is a win for the state of Florida and its beer geeks!


The Beer Buddha

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