Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Years Eve: Pop Out The Beer Not The Bubbly!!

So New Years Eve is right around the corner and you're thinking New Years and Champagne is a must right? Wrong. You can drink beer for New Years Eve!! No, seriously, I kid you not, they make Champagne Beer! No, I'm not talking Miller High Life aka The Champagne of Beers I'm talking Biere de Champagne.

It's a fairly new style of beer which involves a timely maturation process with some even being cave-aged in the Champagne region of France. Just like Champagne the beer undergoes the remuage and degorgement process which is the process of removing yeast from the bottle (see methode de champenoise). Most of the beers come in 750ml bottles that are caged and corked. The most easily accessible one that I know of and have tried is the one pictured made by Brouwerij Bosteels called DeuS(Brut Des Flandres). For those living in New Orleans I have seen this beer at Steins Deli for around $30. For those living outside New Orleans call your local beer store and celebrate New Years the way beer nerds should be celebrating it. With beer!
The Beerbuddha


The Beer Wench said...

What an excellent idea! I've had Dues only once before ... and it was because someone else bought it. My cheap ass has not been able to justify buying it for myself ... however, New Years Eve does seem like a proper occasion for such a purchase. Thanks!

Good Burp said...

I agree. This is indeed a great idea. I am going to pick up a bottle and ring in the new year! Thank you.