Monday, December 15, 2008

New Orleans has a Homebrew Store again! Yeah!!

Yup, you read that properly. We finally have a homebrew store again in New Orleans. After the closure of Brew Ha Ha, homebrewers from New Orleans have had to get their homebrew supplies from companies off of the internet. No more!! Homebrewers can now get their homebrew supplies locally at a new store called Brewstock.

The owner, Aaron, hails from up North but we won't hold that against him. He decided to move here in order to help with the rebuilding of our great city and there is no better way to help than opening up a homebrew shop! He's here to help support us so it's our turn to support him!

The shop is located at 8725 Oak Street near River Road. The store isn't quite open yet to the public but the website is pretty much done and ready!!!


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Thanks man! Saved me from waiting on an online order of yeast to (hopefully) save my batch today.