Friday, January 2, 2009

See Ya 2008!

OK, so everyone is doing some sort of New Years Eve blog so I felt compelled to write something. Instead of resolutions and what not I thought I'd make a list of things you can look forward to here on The Beerbuddha. These are things that have been knocking around in the ol' cranium that I just haven't gotten around to doing yet.

1) I'm going to post a beer review every Wednesday. Having some sort of schedule is important since I'm an ADD kid.

2) Coming Soon! Be on the lookout for Beerbuddha merchandise. T shirts and other stuff!

3) I really liked the Beer with The Beerbuddha Night we did and I think I'm going to make this an at least once a month thing.

4) More beer merchandise reviews. I love this shit! The Chuggler and The Beer Shooter! Hello, things like this truly deserve my attention.

5) Contests. Come on, who doesn't like contests that giveaway free schwag? Well, I know I do, so I'll be having some cool contests this year as well.

6) More brewery visits! This one will be cool.

7) I was thinking about doing video tastings but we'll see about that one. Would be fun though!

8) More beer festivals!

9) More pics!

10) MORE BEER!!!!!!!!

Well, there you have it. Things to look forward to at The Beerbuddha. I know there is some other stuff I'll be doing but these are the main things to look forward to. Thanks to everyone who has been enjoying the site! Really appreciate the love! I also want to thank my wife and daughter for putting up with me and giving me free time to do all the beer stuff I've been doing! I'm looking forward to a cool ass year!!


The Beerbuddha


Scott-TheBrewClub said...

That's a mighty ambitious list, but I know what you mean about trying to keep a schedule! Looking forward to the new material in 2009! Keep up the good work and Happy New Year!

ben said...

I like the motivation! This just proves that beer can be used as a motivator. I should let my boss know this come raise time. Can't wait to learn more about The Beerbuddha night.